What about reproductive rights?

In connection with my last two posts, I found another academic piece that I wanted to see people's reactions to... from the piece "Reproductive and Sexual Rights: A Feminist Perspective" by Sonia Correa and Rosalind Petchesky (again from Feminist Theory Reader, page 89)

"The idea that women in particular must be able to decide whether, when and how to hace children originated in feminist-birth control movements that developed at least as early as the 1830s among the Owenite socialists in England and spread to many parts ot eh world over the course of a century. Leaders of these movements in Western countries... linked the 'problem of birth control' not only with women's struggle for social and political emancipation, but also with their need to 'own and control' their bodies and obtain secual knowledge and satisfaction. Their counterparts among women's rights advocates in 19th centure Asia, North Africa, and Latin America were more reticent about women's sexuality, emphasizing instead a negative right: that of women (married or single) to refuse unwanted sex or childbearing."

I myself found this interesting, because while the struggle for acknoledgement was universal, the reasoning was clearly western vs. eastern in ideals of why... thoughts?

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