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Last week I posted an overview of a speech I went to on Tunisia and the terms of abortion there, and in other Islamic countries... Now that everyone has had time to digest that post, I would like to see what people think when looking at this issue in context of an excerpt from "Globalization of the Local/Localization of the Global: Mapping Transnational Women's Movements" by Amrita Basu (found in the Feminist Theory Reader by Carole McCann and Seung-Kyung Kim). The excerpt reads:

"A coalition of conservative Islamic groups and Christian anti-abortion activists sough to shape the agenda of the Cairo conference on population and development in 1994 and to influence the World Plan of Action at the Beijing conference in 1995. The coalition included some powerful nongovernmental ograniztations, such as the International Right to Life Committee and Human Life International; religious bodies, like the Vatican' and some states, preeminently the Islamic Republic of Iran. Like women's organizations, this coalition functions at local, national, and transnational levels." -pg 71

In context of this lecutre previously posted about... how does it affect your thoughts on how this all comes together, this globalization effort of feminists, with such a diverse religious group, especially the stark opposite anti-abortion groups and Islamic groups, who, in some places, do not limit the use of abortions at all... Thoughts?

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