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some of you are having trouble posting responses... below each post there is a "comment" button - if you press that you can share your stories or opinions about what has happened to you... here is one response which is quite interesting from lbora:

LBora said...

It seems to be a trend that no matter how your dressed that a women is an easy target for these gross comments. So it brings up the question how does this stop? What really confusses me is why these comments are said in the first place, so women really respond? I highly doubt that these "invites" such as being a guys hoe are ever excepted, so why do they still do it?

Any comments on this one ladies? I believe it is a question we are all asking ourselves... any ideas on how to make it stop?! things you've done.. .things you've seen done, or just ideas in general... press the comments button and let us know!


Cassafrass said...

I feel like guys have a sense of entitlement, almost as if they have a right to make a comment. Especially if they are in a group of guys, because then they'll get positive reinforcement from their guy friends when they whoop and holler along with him.

As far as making the comments stop, I have no idea what to do! I do know that I hardly ever hear cat calling when I'm walking around with either my boyfriend or a mixed group of guys and girls. I think guys are a lot more likely to target a group of girls and JUST girls.

Katy said...

When I went to Cuba with my parents and my sister, guys were hissing at us constantly - and my dad was right there! Plus, we were still in high school, maybe fifteen and seventeen. Just wrong and awkward in a lot of ways.

ALSO the Jerry Seinfeld video was hilarious! That's the best part about the honking technique - the guy then drives away! Literally it is impossible that anything could happen.

Erica said...

As tempting as it is to turn around and yell I have found that ignoring the comments is the best. For the most part nothing will come of the cat calls but sometimes girls either yelling or playing along will lead to more. Yelling back can lead to a physical altercation if the guy gets angry. If you play along the guy might not sense your sarcasm and he will take you seriously. Eye contact is never a good idea. This is especially true in other countries. What is ok in the states is not always ok abroad. And that is my word to the wise...

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