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It's great to see the blog kicked into gear. For any newcomers, here's an expansion on who we are, what we are doing, and what we hope to accomplish.

We want to make women in our community (as GW students and Washingtonians) feel comfortable—even good—on the streets. We want to give the following women a voice:

women who feel that they have to wear an ipod to drown out the cat-calls hurled at them as they walk down the sidewalk

women who are forced to spend exorbitant amount of money on transportation (taxi cabs) in order to be out and to feel and be safe

women who can’t go out at all because they don’t have the cash flow for those taxi cabs

women who have to invent or constantly mention significant others, fianc├ęs, and live-in partners to legitimize their going out into the public without looking for a potential mate

women who don’t feel empowered to defend there bodies, their space, or their propriety when in the public sphere

women who must cover up and conceal their bodies before going out into the public sphere to avoid unwanted attention and being told “they’re asking for it”

women who don’t feel safe being in public without male escorts to protect them

women who are verbally, physically, or emotionally assaulted by the words and actions of others on the streets that force them off the streets and into their homes

women who can’t walk down a quiet street alone without experiencing at least some degree of fear

We want to take back the night (and the day!!) We hope to accomplish this by breaking our silence, giving ourselves a loud, strong, fearless voice fostered by online discussion and sharing.

Please join in, spread the word, and feel free to contact us with comments, contentions, questions, and contributions. thisisladiesnight@gmail.com

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this is ladies night

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Have you ever been walking down the street and been hollered at, or perhaps been beeped at by a car - or whistled at while waiting for your ride? We know what it feels like and we want YOU to know that WE'RE RIGHT THERE WITH YOU. Share your experiences here. Share your stories, your reactions, your reflections... maybe your message will help someone else.